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A little background to begin with: I have been a keen computer user for over 20 years. Programming has always been my main area of interest with my earliest work being done using Basic on Sinclair ZX81s, Spectrum & QL.

Since around 1992 my experience has been predominately based on PCs running the various Microsoft operating systems (I also have some experience of Linux). My first programming job was using Computer Associates Clipper, with which I am still current and support a number of legacy applications written in this language. From around 1998 all new development work has been done using Microsoft's Visual Basic (v5 & 6). Since around 2004 most new devopment projects have been undertaken using Microsofts .NET programming tools.

I was in full-time employment within the IT industry from 1992 until the beginning of 2004. Working for two companies within that time, the latter role as IT manager for part of a large international company based in North Bristol. My initial roles were as analyst programmer and network administrator but my experience now includes all aspects of managing a company's IT systems & strategies.

From around 2001 I started to take on some freelance work - this grew steadily and in early 2004 I took the decision to become fully self-employed to offer my skills and services on a freelance basis.

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