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Radio Traffic Logging System

This application was developed for a company involved in providing satelite communication services to ships at sea.
Th software was created in order for the company to offer it to their clients as a value added service.

The system is used by radio officers to log calls made by passengers and crew via the ships satelite phone systems (such logging was historically done by hand or in non-specific application such as various spreadsheet programs). An updateable tariff database is included so that the call cost can automatically be calculated.

Features include
  • Easy input of data using drop lists (including some user-definable ones)
  • Small data files for updating tariff information - required due to low speed/high cost tranmissions via satelite.
  • Least cost routing tool - to find the cheapest route/provider for a call
  • Comprehensive reporting tool
  • Export of call data - for return to company office each month

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